Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England

[Image: Witness list of a royal diploma, S 497 (extract); Aelfwine]


  • PASE Database

PASE Database

The web interface for the Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England database is designed to allow both exploratory browsing of the contents and directed searching within it.


The screen is divided into three sections.

From left to right these are:

  • the Search Column: here users can select criteria to guide their exploration of the database, as demonstrated under the Sample Searches heading. Making selections here causes results to appear in the Results List.
  • the Results List: in this column is displayed the list of persons or factoids that match the criteria selected in the Search Column. Clicking an item in this list causes a record to appear in the Record Display.
  • the Record Display: this section of the screen displays the record associated with a single individual or factoid in the database. Typically this record will consist in large part of a list of other factoids and individuals to which the selected item is connected. Clicking items in this list will cause the relevant record to appear in the Record Display, allowing users to follow chains of connection through the database.