Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England

[Image: Witness list of a royal diploma, S 497 (extract); Aelfwine]


The Record Display

The Record Display

This panel displays the complete record associated with a person or individual in the database. This record will typically consist of a short piece of summary text followed by a list of factoids associated with the record and categorised by type. These factoid categories are hierarchical, and can be expanded to list subcategories and the individual factoids they contain.

Often these factoids will themselves contain clickable links to other factoid or person records.

In order to aid display and navigation, the Record Display offers users the following controls:

Open All: Clicking this link opens all factoid categories to display all factoids.

Order by Source: Clicking this link rearranges the factoid hierarchy, grouping at the top level by source rather than category.

Go back: This allows the user to return to previously viewed records within the Record Display. It behaves exactly like the 'Back' button in a web browser, but affects only the Record Display, not the entire page.