Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England

[Image: Witness list of a royal diploma, S 497 (extract); Aelfwine]


The Results List

The Results List summarises and displays the results of searches conducted in the Search Column. It consists of two parts.

The Criteria List This box at the head of the column summarises the criteria already selected in the Search Column, and that therefore characterise the results shown in the Results Display.

Note that each criterion has a small close button on the right hand side, allowing the user to remove it from the list. In addition, if one or more criteria have been set, a Reset Constraints button will appear, allowing the user to remove all constraints simultaneously.

The Results Display This displays all the persons or factoids who match the terms given in the Criteria List. Entries in the Results Display will typically consist of an identifier (e.g. 'Alfred 8', 'Event (Edward 15)', followed by a brief description. Clicking on the identifier will cause the full record associated with it to be shown in the Record Display.