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Event: Bequeathing/will-making, Charter-witnessing, Disputing/dispute-settling, Law-making/legislation, Property-transactingS1442 - settlement between Winchcombe 1 and Worcester 1

Scholarly Info
Description Cenwulf 3, king, left charters converying his inheritance. The charters stated that after him, no heir should have the power to give or convey the inheritance, which belongs to Winchcombe 1, to any man for a longer term than one life. In 897, Æthelwulf 21 read the charters and found that 5 manentes at (Upton) Bockley were in the possession of Wullaf 5 who claimed that Cynethryth 4 had given the land to his father [Anonymous 689] for 3 lives and that Ælfflæd 8 had added 3 more. It was adjudged by Æthelred 1 that Cenwulf 3's original ruling must stand. Wullaf 5 gave over the charters to Æthelwulf 21, dux, on the understanding that he would hold the land in his lifetime and that it would then pass to Worcester 1.
Year 897
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Date from Source 897


In the year of the incarnation of our Lord 897, indiction 15, it happened that the revered Æthelwulf, dux, read and examined the charters conveying the inheritance of King Cenwulf, and found it written in his privileges that, after him, no heir should have the power to give or convey the inheritance, which belongs to Winchcombe, to any man for a longer term than one life… But, then, it happened that, among other discourse, Æthelwulf spoke to Wullaf who then possessed them, about the 5 manentes of land called Upton, because they were a part of the inheritance of Cenwulf himself. Then Wullaf said that Cynethryth had given that land to his father for three lives, and Ælflæd had added three more. But Æthelred and they all adjudged that this donation could not stand in any other way than it had been appointed in the days of Cenwulf. Then the aforesaid Wullaf gave up to Æthelwulf the original charters written by Cynethryth and Ælflæd; and Æthelwulf ordered this charter to be given him, granting that he should have and enjoy the land during his life, on the condition that, afterwards, it should go to the Episcopal Church at Worcester, to the abbot, or whatever rector, or governor, should then exist, for the redemption of the soul of King Cenwulf, and all his heirs, and also for the renewal of peace between the families of Worcester and Winchcombe.

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