Eadric 35 (Male) Streona; ealdorman of the Mercians, d.1017
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Notes: Eadric Streona (d. 1017), son of one Æthelric, also called Leofwine. Æthelred the Unready appointed Eadric ealdorman of Mercia in 1007. His career advanced rapidly thereafter. He married Æthelred?s daughter, Eadgyth, and by 1012 was the most powerful of the king?s ealdormen. He played a ruthless and often self-seeking role in the events which led to Cnut?s conquest of England and is remembered chiefly, and probably correctly, as a traitor to the English cause. He continued to serve as ealdorman of Mercia under Cnut, but was killed on the king?s orders in 1017.

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