Frithwine 1 (Male) Abbot of Monkwearmouth and Jarrow
l viii-e ix

Notes: @Frobenius ii.258 felt that Friduinus was none other than the Friducinus to whom Alcuin addressed a poem, Poet. Carol. i.259. @Dümmler 1895, p. 440 n. 5 feels that this is less likely as in Alcuin.Ep.282 he is revered as a 'father' whereas in the other text he is called a 'faithful offspring'. It is difficult to see the force of Dümmler's argument as Alcuin.Ep.282 appears to be celebrating Frithwine's elevation to the abbacy of Monkwearmouth and Jarrow, whereas the poem could well have been addressed to him at an earlier stage in his career, when he might still have been addressed as (say) a pupil of Alcuin's. Alcuin frequently plays round with the idea of changes in honorific kinship relationships, especially father, son and brother.

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