Anonymi 98 (M/F) Inhabitants of Somerset in 878
l ix

Factoid List

Personal Information (1)
residence (1)
 Asser.VitAlfredi  55 (inhabitants of Somerset)
Event (4)
Battle (1)
 Alfred 8.fighting against Anonymi 79 at Edington: Alfred 8 fought with a tight shield-wall against the whole army of pagans (Anonymi 79) and gained the victory.: Asser.VitAlfredi  56 (878)
Camp-pitching (2)
 Alfred 8.residency at fortification for fourteen days: Alfred 8 boldly established his camp with all his army before the gates of the citadel, where he stayed for fourteen days.: Asser.VitAlfredi  56 (878)
 Alfred 8.residency for one night at Ecgbrihtesstan: Alfred 8 and the people of Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire established a camp there for one night.: Asser.VitAlfredi  55 (878)
Meeting (1)
 Alfred 8.meeting with people of Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire.: At Selwood Alfred 8 met people from Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire.: Asser.VitAlfredi  55 (878)