Ęthelnoth 28 (Male) King Edgar 11's man, fl. 961; owner of land in ?Devon
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Notes: Ęthelnoth 22 attests a string of charters between 931 and 934, and Ęthelnoth 23 those between 941 and 948 (and consequently seems to have been the Ęthelnoth who held two estates in Somerset). Despite the relatively plentiful material in the late 940s and early 950s, no minister uses the name until 956 when Ęthelnoth 26 was given land in Staffs. and Ęthelnoth 27 was granted land in Berks.; Ęthelnoth 28 was granted land in ?Devon in 961. It is just about within the bounds of decency to suggest that these all represent one man who managed to acquire a healthy portfolio before forfeiting it (or some of it) to the king some time before 971 (see Ęthelnoth 29). However, the identification is made wobbly by the hiatuses in attestation, and it is more likely that one Ęthelnoth was at court until 948 and two or more others were active (though not at court) thereafter.

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