Anonymi 2554 (Male) Army of the West Saxons attacked at Reading by Anonymi 64 and Anonymi 34

Factoid List

Personal Information (3)
ethnicity (1)
 Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (p. 39) (army of the English)
other (1)
 Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (p. 39) ([the army] was then small)
psychological (1)
 Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (p. 39) (high courage was within their breasts)
Occupation (1)
Army (1)
 Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (p. 39)
Event (1)
Battle (1)
 Anonymi 64-Anonymi 34-Anonymi 2554.battle at Reading: A summer army (Anonymi 64) arrived at Reading, where Anonymi 34 joined them. They gained a pointless victory over the army of the West Saxons (Anonymi 2554).: Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (pp. 39-40) (871)