Æthelmær 13 (Male) Ealdorman of Hampshire, c.977-982
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Notes: The issue of Æthelmærs in the late tenth and early eleventh century is not an easy ? or perhaps not a possible ? one to resolve. The scheme followed here is that of Keynes, Atlas, LXIII. See Æthelmær 22, fl. 983-1005 (son of Æthelweard 23); Æthelmær 23, fl. 994-1013 (perhaps two different thegns). Until 982/983 an Ealdorman Æthelmær 13 governed Hampshire. C.995x1006 a second ealdorman , Æthelmær 19 appears, involved in transactions in the East. He may be the later Ealdorman Æthelmær 27 of the Western Provinces who in turn may have been Æthelmær 22, minister, royal relation, and founder of Eynsham . Note also Æthelmær 18, satraps, who owned land in Somerset and Æthelmær 15 who owned who founded Cerne Abbey.

BDDAB, pp. 23-4; Hart, ECNE, pp. 285-6; S. Keynes, The Diplomas of King Æthelred 'the Unready' 978-1016: a Study in their Use as Historical Evidence (Cambridge, 1980), pp.191-2.

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