Anonymous 257 (Female) Nun at Whitby who had a vision of Hild 1's death
l vii

Factoid List

Personal Information (1)
piety (1)
 Bede.HE  iv.23 (deuota)
Occupation (3)
Nun (3)
 Bede.HE  iv.23
 OEMart  253
 OEMart  253
Personal Relationship (1)
Anonymous 257 Brotherly affection (General relationship) of ~ (1)
 of Hild 1: Bede.HE  iv.23
Event (2)
Dreaming/seeing vision/revelation (2)
 Anonymous of Hild 1ís death: Anonymous 257 saw Hild 1's soul ascend to heaven in the company of angels.: Bede.HE  iv.23
 Anonymous of angels, of a bell and of a cross: Anonymous 257 saw angels leading the spirit of Hild 1 to heaven.: OEMart  253