Eadric 11 (Male) Owner of land in Kent, fl. 941x958
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Notes: Cf. Eadric 8; Eadric 15.

Factoid List

Recorded Name (1)
Eadric (1)
Event (2)
Bequeathing/will-making (1)
 Ęthelweard 20.S1506 bequeathing land: Ęthelweard 20 with the advice of Oda 1, archbishop, to Eadric 11, Ęthelgifu 10, and Canterbury, Christ Church 1; bequest of land at Ickham, Kent. Whoever survived longer was to hold the land in return for an annual rent of 5 pounds, and 1 day's food-rent to consist of: 40 sesters of ale, 60 loaves, a wether sheep, a flitch of bacon, an ox's haunch, 2 cheeses, 4 hens, 5 pence to be rendered at Michaelmas.: S1506    (941 x 958)
Property-exchanging (1)
 Eadric 11.S1506 grant to Canterbury, Christ Church 1: Eadric 11 to Canterbury, Christ Church 1; grant of 5 pounds on condition that he should hold the land at Ickham, Kent: S1506    (941 x 958 - ?)