Ælfwig 11 (Male) Abbot of Westminster, 993-1014/1002x1020
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Notes: It is hard to tell when Ælfwig 11 ceased to be abbot of Westminster. Abbot Ælfwigs attest steadily between 993 and 1042, with two appearing in 1033 and 1035 making identification highly awkward. As Wulfnoth 17, Ælfwig 11's successor, was in power by 1020 the two later abbots (Ælfwig 14 and Ælfwig 15) must have belonged to other houses. Thus Ælfwig 14 may have appeared 1024-1045 and Ælfwig 15 1033-1045. It is also possible that Ælfwig, abbot of Westminster, became Ælfwig 13, bishop of London, in 1014. In summary, PASE records: Ælfwig 11 of Westminster; Ælfwig 9, fl. 1005-1018 (probably of Westminster); Ælfwig 14, fl. 1024-1045 (not Westminster); Ælfwig 15, fl. 1033-1045 (not Westminster).

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