Wśrwulf 6 (Male) Priest and chaplain of King Alfred 8
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Notes: Several Wśrwulfs appear in the late ninth and early tenth centuries. One, Wśrwulf 6, was the priest and chaplain of Alfred 8 the Great mentioned by Asser 1. He may be the same priest (Wśrwulf 1) who attests a (somewhat dubious) charter of 892 (S348) and/or received land in Gloucs. in 899 (S1279; Wśrwulf 2). A priest at Winchester - Wśrwulf 4 - used the name between 900 and 909 (perhaps even later) and is likely either to be Alfred's priest or he who attests a Winchester charter (S1417) in the reign of ∆thelstan 18, 924x933. It is just about conceivable that there was only one Wśrwulf, that he was of priestly age by the time Asser wrote and was long in the tooth c.924 when he attests at the top of S1417.

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