Nicholas 1 (Male) I, pope, 858-867
m/l ix

Factoid List

Office (2)
Pope (2)
 LiberPontificalis  vol. II, p. 153, l. 1-3
Event (2)
Grant and Gift (1)
 Nicholas 1.granting gifts to Rome, St Peter's: He gave several gifts to the church of St Mary in Cosmedin, including one fine silver English bowl: LiberPontificalis  vol. II, p. 153, l. 1-3: Nicholas, 11 ([858] x [867])
Reconciliation (1)
 Charles 4.reconiliation with Judith 1: In response to an appeal from the pope [Nicholas 1], Charles 4 received his daughter Judith 1 back into his good graces.: Annals.StBertin  863