Mucel 2 (Male) Mercian dux, fl. 814-848
e/m ix

Notes: His appearance in S192 is possibly an error; some confusion in the witness list. Ninth-century Mercian Mucels are something of a muddle. At least 3 men use the name between 814 and 868. The lower ranking - Mucel 5 - is easily sifted, attesting once (845855). PASE follows @Keynes, Atlas, XVII.7-9, in assuming Mucel 2 to have been a high ranking ealdorman 814x848 who was joined by a name-sake Mucel 3 in 836 who outlived him, attesting last in 866/868. One of these two was the son of Esne (Mucel 4) who was leased land at Crowle, Worcs. in 836.

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