Werenberht 2 (Male) Witness to Mercian charter, fl. 836-845
m ix

Notes: It seems feasible that two or three Werenberhts were operating in England in the mid-ninth century. Werenberht 2, appears as a middle ranking Mercian minister in 836 and 844 and it is probably the same he who exchanged land in Middx. with the priest Węrheard 2 in 845 (though the title 'praefectus' is rare in Mercian related material). It is possible that he became the Werenberht 4, dux, who attested royal charters in 852, 855, and 862. Werenberht 3, a West Saxon minister, is named in witness lists in 859, and 860, and in S344, the attestations to which appear to derive from a charter of Ęthelwulf 1 (839-58).

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