Anonymi 325 (M/F) Abbots and abbesses of the monasteries of Wilfrid 2
l vii-e viii

Factoid List

Office (2)
Abbess (1)
 Stephen.VitWilfridi  21 (abbatissa...coenobii)
Abbot (1)
 Stephen.VitWilfridi  21 (abbas...coenobii)
Possession (1)
 Property (undefined): Stephen.VitWilfridi  21
Event (1)
Pastoral activities/preaching (1)
 Wilfrid 2.ecclesiastical activities under Ecgfrith 4: The kingdom of churches belonging to Wilfrid 2 was increased to the south among the Saxons and to the north among the Britons and Irish and the Picts.: Stephen.VitWilfridi  21