Womær 1 (Male) Abbot in Ghent, d. 981
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Factoid List

Recorded Name (2)
Womær (1)
 ASC (BC)  981 C
uuomarus (1)
 NewMinster.LiberVitae  Fol 18r.17.xiii
Personal Information (1)
piety (1)
 NewMinster.LiberVitae  Fol 18r.17.xiii (devoted)
Office (3)
Abbot (2)
 ASC (BC)  981 C (Abbot in Ghent)
 NewMinster.LiberVitae  Fol 18r.17.xiii (Lord Abbot)
Prelate (1)
 NewMinster.LiberVitae  Fol 18r.17.xiii
Occupation (1)
Brother (1)
 NewMinster.LiberVitae  Fol 18r.17.xiii
Event (2)
Death/dying (1)
 Womær 1.death: In that same year Womær 1, abbot in Ghent, passed away.: ASC (BC)  981 C (981)
Visit (1)
 Womær 1.visit to Old Minster Winchester: Womær 1 visited the Old Minster and commended himself most humbly to the prayers of the community.: NewMinster.LiberVitae  Fol 18r.17.xiii