∆thelthryth 7 (Female) Abbess of Nunnaminster, Winchester, fl. 963
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Notes: According to Wulfstan Cantor the abbess named ∆thelthryth mentioned in ch. 2 of his 'Life of ∆thelwold' and that made abbess of Nunnaminster by ∆thelwold in ch. 22 were the same person. Therefore, one only ∆thelthryth has been recorded here. However, Lapidge and Winterbottom have observed that because of the length of the time span the ∆thelthryth of ch. 2 and that of ch. 22 could have been two different people. For this possibility see @Lapidge and Wintebottom pp. 4-5, note 3.

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