Bugga 1 (Female) Daughter of King Centwine 1
l vii

Notes: @Lapidge 1996, pp. 374-5 identifies the Bugga of Milred.Sylloge as the daughter of Centwine, king of Wessex (676-85). Lapidge also associates the Bugga and her mother Dunna granted land by King Æthelred of Mercia (675-704) with his subregulus for a monastery near Withington, Gloucs. @Sims-Williams 1990, p. 351 n. 92, however states; 'The idenitification of Bugga with the daughter of Dunne, abbess of Withington, is unlikely; see above, p. 132, n. 77' [where he notes that Dickett, Saints and Scholars, p. 67 n. 171 and EHD, p. 494 is 'rightly rejected'; he goes on to observe: 'Note also that Aldhelm makes no mention of Dunne, though she is more prominent in the charters than Bucge, whom S 1255 omits altogether.'

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