Cuthbert 1 (Male) Saint; bishop of Hexham, 684-685, and Lindisfarne, 685-687
l vii

Factoids by Source

Abbo.PassioEadmundi: The Passio of St. Edmund (6)
Alcuin.Carm.9: Poem on the disaster at the mo... (9)
Alcuin.Ep: [Epistolae] (27)
Alcuin.VersEubor: The Bishops, Kings and Saints ... (45)
AnnalsFragIrel: Fragmentary Annals of Ireland (3)
Anon.EpisList1: Episcopal List (1)
Anon.EpisList2: Episcopal List (1)
Anon.EpisList3: Episcopal List (1)
Anon.HagiogListPhil1869: Calendar (4)
Anon.LiberEliensis: Liber Eliensis / Historia Elie... (2)
Anon.VitAlcuini: Life of Alcuin (2)
Anon.VitCuthberti: Anonymous Life of Cuthbert (174)
ASC (E): Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (E versi... (6)
ASC (F): Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Version... (4)
Bede.ArtMetr: On the Art of Metre (1)
Bede.ChronMaior: The Greater Chronicles, or Con... (5)
Bede.HE: Ecclesiastical History of the ... (64)
Bede.Mart: Martyrology (9)
Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr: Metrical Life of Saint Cuthber... (167)
Bede.VitCuthbertiPr: The Life of St Cuthbert by Bed... (240)
Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi: The Life of Saint Oswald (4)
CalendHampson: Metrical Calendar of Hampson (3)
CalendRamsey: Metrical Calendar of Ramsey (2)
CalMetrEbor: 'Metrical Calendar of York' (1)
Ealdred.Coloph.DurhamColl2: Subsidiary colophon to Durham,... (3)
Ealdred.Coloph.LindGosp2: Colophon to London, British Li... (4)
NorthernAnnals.FirstSet: Historia Regum (1)
OEMart: Old English Martyrology (23)
RestingPlaces: Secgan be ■am Godes sanctum ■e... (1)
S66 (3)
Symeonof Durham.HistoriadeSanctoCuthberto: Historia de Sancto Cuthberto (21)
WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum: Gesta Pontificum Anglorum (6)
Willibrord.Cal: Calendar of St Willibrord (4)
Ăthelwulf.CarmAbb: De Abbatibus (2)