Ælfwine 13 (Male) Minister, fl. 959; owner of land in Hants.
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Notes: S. Kelly, The Charters of Abingdon Abbey, ii, no. 107 speculates that Ælfwine 13 (owner of land in Hants.), Ælfwine 30 (owner of land in Berks.), and Ælfwine 14 (owner of land in Herts.) were the same, that is Ælfwine 17 the prominent minister under King Edgar 11 and, potentially, the brother of Ealdorman Ælfheah 33 and Ælfhere 10, and the heir to Wulfric 22 Cufing. Note that there were at least four Ælfwines during Edgar 11's reign: Ælfwine 17; Ælfwine 18; Ælfwine 12; Ælfwine 13. See notes under Ælfwine 17.

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