Anonymi 2554 (Male) Army of the West Saxons attacked at Reading by Anonymi 64 and Anonymi 34

Factoids by Source

Ęthelweard.Chron: Chronicle of Ęthelweard (5)
Personal Information (3)
ethnicity (1)
 Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (p. 39) (army of the English)
other (1)
 Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (p. 39) ([the army] was then small)
psychological (1)
 Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (p. 39) (high courage was within their breasts)
Occupation (1)
Army (1)
 Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (p. 39)
Event (1)
Battle (1)
 Anonymi 64-Anonymi 34-Anonymi 2554.battle at Reading: A summer army (Anonymi 64) arrived at Reading, where Anonymi 34 joined them. They gained a pointless victory over the army of the West Saxons (Anonymi 2554).: Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (pp. 39-40) (871)