Anonymi 618 (Male) Three sons of Sæberht 1

Factoids by Source

Bede.HE: Ecclesiastical History of the ... (4)
Personal Information (1)
religion (1)
 Bede.HE  ii.5 (they began to practise idolatry)
Personal Relationship (1)
Anonymi 618 Son (Consanguineal kinship) of ~ (1)
 of Sæberht 1: Bede.HE  ii.5
Event (2)
Battle (1)
 Anonymi 618.battle against Gewisse: When Anonymi 618 went to fight against the Gewisse, they and all perished together: Bede.HE  ii.5
Expulsion (1)
 Anonymi 618.expulsion of Mellitus 1: After a meeting in which Anonymi 618 told Mellitus 1 they wanted to partake of the Eucharist without being baptised, and after Mellitus 1 refused to do what they asked, they expelled him and his companions from the realm.: Bede.HE  ii.5