Grimbald 1 (Male) Monk from Gaul and mass-priest of King Alfred 8
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Alfred.GregCurPast: West-Saxon Version of Pope Gre... (4)
Anon.LiberEliensis: Liber Eliensis / Historia Elie... (1)
ASC: Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: Base te... (4)
ASC (F): Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (Version... (4)
Asser.VitAlfredi: Life of Alfred (10)
Fulk.Ep.W4: Letter to Alfred (5)
NewMinster.LiberVitae: The Liber Vitae of the New Min... (4)
RestingPlaces: Secgan be žam Godes sanctum že... (2)
S349 (3)
S956 (2)