Anonymi 1480 (Male) All ealdormen and thegns who chose Ecgwine 1 for the bishopric of Worcester

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Byrhtferth.VitEcgwini: Life of Saint Ecgwine (3)
Office (2)
Primates (1)
 Byrhtferth.VitEcgwini  i.10
Princeps (1)
 Byrhtferth.VitEcgwini  i.10
Event (1)
Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of bishop (1)
 Æthelred 2-others.election of Ecgwine 1 to episcopal see: Because of his innate goodness, Ecgwine 1 was elected bishop of Worcester.: Byrhtferth.VitEcgwini  i.10