∆lfric 94 (Male) Abbot of Eynsham, 1005-c.1010; author
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Notes: He also composed Sermones Catholici, two series of 40 homilies on the Gospels, saints, and doctrinal themes. PASE2 will deal with the rest of his connexions.

BDDAB, pp. 11-12; BEASE, pp. 8-9; CDNB 1:21; DMA 1:61-2; DNB 1:164-6 = 1:164-6; Fletcher, pp. 212-14; MEE, pp. 4-7; Malcolm Godden, ?∆lfric of Eynsham (c.950?c.1010)?, ODNB.

Factoids by Source

∆lfric.EpitomSwithuni: Epitome of the Translation and... (2)
Event (2)
Healing (1)
 Swithhun 5.post-mortem healing of Anonymi 1656: The author of the Epitome (∆lfric 94) saw more than two hundred people cured in ten days through Swithhun 5's merit.: ∆lfric.EpitomSwithuni  10
Monastic life, converting to/joining/oblation (1)
 Eadsige 8.monkhood: Eadsige 8 was made a holy monk: ∆lfric.EpitomSwithuni  6
∆lfric.Vit∆thelwoldi: Life of St ∆thelwold (5)
Recorded Name (1)
∆lfricus (1)
 ∆lfric.Vit∆thelwoldi  1
Authorship (1)
 Author of Life of Saint ∆thelwold 1 (Saintís Life): ∆lfric.Vit∆thelwoldi  1
Office (1)
Abbot (1)
 ∆lfric.Vit∆thelwoldi  1
Occupation (1)
Pupil (1)
 ∆lfric.Vit∆thelwoldi  1
Event (1)
Book circulating/making/reading/translating/writing (1)
 ∆lfric 94.composition of Life of St ∆thelwold: Addressing Cenwulf 6 and the brethren of Winchester (Anonymi 1703), ∆lfric 94 wrote that he had composed a Life of St ∆thelwold 40, lest perchance his acts should wholly be given to oblivion because of the scarcity of writers.: ∆lfric.Vit∆thelwoldi  1 (1004 x 1006)