Willibrord 1 (Male) Missionary; archbishop of the Frisians, 695-739; abbot of Echternach, 697/698-739
l vii-m viii

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Alcuin.Carm.4: Poem to friends of the poet (4)
Alcuin.Ep: [Epistolae] (4)
Alcuin.VersEubor: The Bishops, Kings and Saints ... (5)
Alcuin.VitWillibrPr: Prose Life of St Willibrord (278)
Anon.VitCuthberti: Anonymous Life of Cuthbert (2)
Anon.VitLebuini: Life of Lebuin (4)
Bede.ChronMaior: The Greater Chronicles, or Con... (8)
Bede.HE: Ecclesiastical History of the ... (17)
Bede.Mart: Martyrology (3)
Bede.VitCuthbertiPr: The Life of St Cuthbert by Bed... (2)
Boniface.Ep.T109: Letter to Pope Stephen II (7)
LiberPontificalis: Liber Pontificalis (3)
Stephen.VitWilfridi: Stephen.VitWilfridi (4)
Willibald.VitBonifatii: Vita Bonifatii auctore Williba... (11)
Willibrord.Cal: Calendar of St Willibrord (8)