Authorship: Saintís LifeTheodore 1 View information for this person Author of Vita S. Anastasii ('Life of Saint Anastasius')

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Authored Work Vita S. Anastasii ('Life of Saint Anastasius') (Saintís Life)
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*Theodore 1 is not named in the manuscript; the attribution has been made by @Carmela Vircillo Franklin, 'Theodore and the Passio S. Anastasii', in Archbishop Theodore, ed. Michael Lapidge, Cambridge Studies in Anglo-Saxon England 11 (Cambridge, 1995), pp. 175-203, where she comments, at pp. 175-6: 'New evidence suggests ... that a Latin interlinear translation of the Greek Acta of Anastasius was found at Canterbury. It was most likely brought there by Theodore 1, perhaps as a gloss over the Greek. The technique of this translation and its linguistic similarities to other works only recently attributed to Theodore 1 suggest further that this Latin version may have been executed by the future archbishop of Canterbury himself.' *@Franklin 1995, p. 182, also notes that 'the Turin text (BHL, no. 410b) is the only surviving witness to an original Latin translation of the Greek Acta, and that BHL, nos. 408 and 410, are later, independent reworkings of this first Latin version.' See also @Franklin

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