Authorship: RecordGeorge 1 View information for this person Author of a record of a papal legation to Britain in 786

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Authored Work George.Ep  Record of a papal legation to Britain in 786 (Record)
Year 786
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Date from Source 786


*This is a record of a papal legation that visited Britain in 786. After a narrative giving the background to the visit and arrival in Britain of the legates, George 1 and Theophylactus 2, George 1 provided a record of a Northumbrian council into which he had inserted a capitulary written by himself whose canons were adopted and subscribed at the council. He then reported on a second council held in Mercia at which the same canons were adopted and subscribed. The document claimed that at both councils the subscribers ratified the present text with the sign of the cross. *The contents of his capitulary are as follows: (1) observance of the Nicene creed and the six universal synods; (2) baptism; (3) the holding of councils according to the canons and episcopal visitations; (4) observance of the canons and monastic life according to the rule; (5) election of abbots and abbesses; (6) ordination of priests and deacons; (7) observance of the canonical hours; (8) preservation of ancient papal privileges; (9) prohibition against ecclesiasts eating in secret; (10) details of celebrating the mass and prohibition against bishops judging secular matters in their councils; (11) the function of kings; priests should not be judged by secular persons; (12) the lawful selection of legitimate kings and the prohibition against conspiring to kill a king; (13) the requirement for the rich and powerful to make just judgments; (14) prohibition against fraud, violence and seizure and the imposition of greater tributes on churches; (15) prohibition against unjust and incestuous marriages; (16) prohibition against illegitimate sons ('filiis meretricum') inheriting; (17) payment of tithe and the prohibition of usury; (18) fulfillment of vows; (19) abolition of pagan practices including scarification, pagan dress, mutilation of horses, employment of lots in lawsuits and the eating of horses; (20) the practice of conversion, penance and confession.

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