Event: Miracle, Relics-collecting/depositing/grantingWillehad 1.miracle of relics-box

Scholarly Info
Description The barbarians assaulted the Christians unexpectedly. One of them tried to cut Willehad 1's head with his sword, but thanks to the box of relics that Willehad 1 wore round his neck, only the lace which kept the box was partly cut. Willehad 1 was completely unhurt.
Primary Source Info
Original Text ... corrigiam quidem capsae partim praecidit, ipsum uero in nuollo penitus uulnerare potuit.
Date from Source after Willehad 1's disciples (Anonymi 748) had begun to destroy pagan temples


*Seeing such a miracle the barbarians left Willehad 1 and his companions go and never tried to attack them again.

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