Event: Burial, Tomb-making/openingBeohtwald 1.burial

Scholarly Info
Description Epitaph of Archbishop Beorhtwald 6: the present tomb held the buried body of Beorhtwald 6.
Primary Source Info
Original Text Epitaphium Berthwaldi archiepiscopi ... Berthwaldi corpus humatum tumba tenet praesens ...


*@Lapidge 1996, p. 369, comments: Bede notes (HE ii. 3) that all the archbishops of Canterbury except Theodore and Berhtwald were buried in a chapel on the north side of the church of SS. Peter and Paul (later St Augustine's), whereas these two were buried in the church itself. Bede gives the epitaph of Theodore's tomb (HE v. 8) and it may be assumed that the epitaph of Berhtwald (in the same elegiac metre) was similarly inscribed on his tomb in the same church (as well as that of Tatwine, no. 19 infra).' On the later epitaph recorded in Dugdale, Monasticon Anglicanum (London, 1817), i.82 see Lapidge, op. cit., pp. 369-70.

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