Event: Assembly, Grant and Gift, Judicial decision/reviewS1187 - Council of Clofesho 796x804

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Description Æthelric 8, son of Æthelmund 2, having with the knowledge if the synod being summoned to the synod and to appear for judgement in the place which is called Clofesho with the deeds of the estate, i.e. ‘Westminster’ [Westbury-on-Trym], which previously his kinsmen delivered and granted to him, Archbishop Æthelheard 13 directed him and gave judgment there with the witness of King Cenwulf 3 and his chief men in front of the whole synod when they perused his documents, that he was free to give his land and title-deeds wherever he wished.
Year 796 x 804
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Æthelric 8 later travelled to Rome and, on his return, 'received back [his] land and repaid the price previously agreed' and at the Council of Acleah in 804 again declared his privilege and will.

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