Event: Advice/counsel, Confiscation, ResidenceEdward 15.confiscating property of Emma 2

Scholarly Info
Description MS D: A fortnight before St Andrew’s day, the king was advised to ride from Gloucester, together with Earl Leofric 49 and Earl Godwine 51 and Earl Siweard 11 and their retinue to Winchester. And they came unexpectedly upon the lady [i.e. Ælfgifu Emma 2], and deprived her of all the treasures which she owned, and which were beyond counting, because she had formerly been very hard to the king, her son, in that she did less for him than he wished both before he became king and afterwards as well. And they allowed her to stay there afterwards.
Year 1043
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 16th November, 1043

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