Event: Death/dying, Illness/demonic seizure/madness, ResidenceGodwine 51.death

Scholarly Info
Description MS C: In this year the king [Edward 15] was at Winchester at Easter, and Earl Godwine 51 with him, and Earl Harold 3 his son and Tosti 2. Then on Easter Monday as he was sitting with the king at a meal, he suddenly sank towards the foot-stool, bereft of speech and of all his strength. Then he was carried to the king’s private room and they thought it was about to pass off. But it was not so. On the contrary, he continued like this without speech or strength right on to the Thursday and then lost his life.

MS D: Earl Godwine 51 died, and he was taken ill while he was sitting with the king at Winchester.

MS E: Earl Godwine 51 died on 15 April.
Year 1053
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 1053, April 15

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