Event: Campaigning, Killing/murder, PlunderingSiweard 11.campaigning in Scotland

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Description MS C: Earl Siweard 11 went with a large force into Scotland and inflicted heavy losses on the Scots and round them, and the king escaped. Also many fell on his side both among Danes and English, his own son also.

MS D: Earl Siweard 11 proceeded with a large force to Scotland, both with a naval force and a land force, and fought there with the Scots and routed the king Macbeth 1, and killed all the best in the land, and carried off a large amount of plunder such as had never been captured before. But his son Osbeorn 2 and his sisterís son Siweard 12 and some of his housecarls, and also some of the kingís, were killed there on the day of the Seven Sleepers [27 July].
Year 1054
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