Event: Appointment of ealdorman, Assembly, Burning, Capture, Exile, Governing, Intercession/mediation, Killing/murder, Law-making/legislation, Message-sending, Monastery, violation of, Outlawing, Overwintering, Plundering, Rebellion/sedition, Residence, Seizure of land, Surety-givingTosti 2.rebellion against

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Description MS C: And then after Michaelmas all the thegns of Yorkshire (Anonymi 10016) went to York and killed there all Tosti 2’s housecarls (Anonymi 10017) that they could find and took his treasure. And Tosti 2 was then at Britford with the king. And very soon after this there was a big council meeting at Northampton, and likewise one at Oxford on the feast of St Simon and St Jude [28 October]. And Earl Harold 3 was there and wanted to bring about an agreement between them if he could. But he could not. But all Tosti 2’s earldom unanimously deserted him, and outlawed him, and all those with him who had committed lawless deeds; because first he robbed God, and all those who were less powerful than himself he deprived of life and land. And they adopted Morcar 3 as their earl, and Tosti 2 went overseas and his wife [Judith 2] with him to Baldwin 4’s country, and took up winter quarters at St Omer.

MS DE: (MS D) And soon after this all the thegns in Yorkshire and in Northumberland ... / (MS E) In this year the men of Northumbria ... (MSS DE) ... came together and outlawed their Earl Tosti 2 and killed his hiredmen, and all they could get at, both English and Danish, and took all his weapons in York, and gold and silver and all his treasure they could hear about anywhere. And they sent for Morcar 3, son of Earl Ælfgar 46, and chose him as their earl, and he went south with all the people of the shire, and of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Lincolnshire until he came to Northampton. And his brother Edwin 33 came to meet him with the men that were in his earldom, and also many Welsh came with him. Thereupon Earl Harold 3 came to meet them, and they entrusted him with a message to King Edward 15, and also sent messengers with him, and asked that they might be allowed to have Morcar 3 as their earl. And the king granted this and sent Harold 3 back to them at Northampton on the eve of St Simon and St Jude [28 December]. And he proclaimed this to them and gave them surety for it, and he renewed there the law of King Cnut 3. And the northern men did much damage round Northampton while he was gone on their errand, in that they killed people and burned houses and corn and took all the cattle that they could get at – which was many thousands – and captured many hundreds of people and took them north with them, so that that shire and other neighbouring shires were the worse for it for many years. And Earl Tosti 2 and his wife [Judith 2] and all those who wanted what he wanted went south overseas to Count Baldwin 4, and he received them all and there they remained all the winter.
Year 1065
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