Event: Appointment/consecration/elevation/ordination of king, Battle, Campaigning, Desertion, military, Invasion, Journey, Killing/murder, Reporting, SubmissionEvents of 1066 (MS E)

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Description In the same year that he [Harold 3] became king he went out with a naval force against William 1, and meanwhile Earl Tosti 2 came into the Humber with 60 ships; and Earl Edwin 33 came with a land force and drove him out and the sailors deserted him, and he went to Scotland with 12 small vessels, and Harold 3, the Norse king, met him with 300 ships, and Tosti 2 submitted to him; and they both went up the Humber until they reached York. And Earl Morcar 3 and Earl Edwin 33 fought against them, and the Norse king had the victory. And King Harold 3 was informed as to what had been done, and what had happened, and he came with a very great force of Englishmen and me him at Stamford Bridge, and killed him and Earl Tosti 2 and valiantly overcame all the invaders. Meanwhile Count William 1 landed at Hastings on Michaelmas day, and Harold 3 came from the north and fought with him before all the army had come, and there he fell and his two brothers Gyrth 1 and Leofwine 69; and William 1 conquered this country, and came to Westminster, and Archbishop Ealdred 37 consecrated him king, and people paid taxes to him, and gave him hostages and afterwards bought their lands. And Leofric 23, abbot of Peterborough, was at that campaign and fell ill there, and came home died soon after, on the eve of All Saints. God have mercy on his soul.
Year 1066
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