Event: Burning, Hostage-giving/taking, JourneyWilliam 1.journey to Normandy in 1067 with leading Englishmen

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Description MS D (1066): King William 1 went in spring overseas to Normandy, and took with him Archbishop Stigand 1, and ∆thelnoth 46, abbot of Glastonbury, and Edgar 14 Cild and Earl Edwin 33 and Earl Morcar 3 and Earl Waltheof 2 and many other good men from England.

MS D (1067):

This year the king came back to England on St Nicholas's day [6 December]. And that day Christ Church was burnt down. MS E (1067): In this year the king went overseas and took with him hostages and money and came back the next year on St Nicholasís day [6 December]. And that day Christ Church at Canterbury was burnt down.
Year 1067
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