Event: Hospitality, Journey, Lust, Marriage, Refusal, Vowing celibacy/chastity/virginity/povertyEdgar 14.travelling to Scotland

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Description MS D: In the course of the summer, Edgar 14 Cild went abroad with his mother Agatha 2 and his two sisters, Margaret 1 and Christina 1, and Mærleswein 1 and many good men with them, and came to Scotland under the protection of King Malcolm 5, and he received them all. Then the aforesaid King Malcolm 5 began to desire his sister Margaret 1 for his wife, but he and his men all opposed it for a long time; and she also refused, saying that she would have neither him nor any other if the heavenly mercy would graciously grant it to her to please in virginity with human heart the mighty Lord in pure continence through this short life. The king pressed her brother until he said ‘yes’, and indeed he dared not do anything else, because they had come into his control.

MS E: And that summer Edgar 14 Cild went abroad, and Mærleswein 1, and many people with them, and went into Scotland. And King Malcolm 5 received them all and married the atheling’s sister, Margaret 1.
Year 1068
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The marriage probably took place in 1068 or 1069.

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