Event: Burh - capture, Burning, Church/monastery destruction, Demolition, Killing/murder, Overwintering, Plundering, Raiding, Rebellion/seditionNorthern rebellion of 1069

Scholarly Info
Description MS D: Three sons of King Swein 5 came from Denmark with 240 ships into the Humber, together with Earl Osbeorn 3 and Earl Thorkil 1. And there came to meet them Edgar 14 Cild and Earl Waltheof 2 and Mærleswein 1 and Earl Gospatric 1 with the Northumbrians and all the people, riding and marching with an immense army rejoicing exceedingly; and so they all went resolutely to York, and stormed and raised the castle and captured an incalculable treasure in it, and killed many hundreds of Frenchmen and took many with them to the ships. And before the shipmen got there the Frenchmen had burned the city, and had also thoroughly ravaged and burnt the holy minster of St Peter. When the king found out about this, he went northwards with all his army that he could collect, and utterly ravaged and laid waste that shire. And the fleet lay all the winter in the Humber where the king could not get them. And the king was in York on Christmas day, and so was in the country all the winter. And he came to Winchester that same Easter.

MS E: Then between the two feasts of St Mary they – that is the sons of King Swein 5 and his brother Earl Osbeorn 3 – came from the east from Denmark with 300 ships. And then Earl Waltheof 2 went out, and he and the atheling Edgar 14 and many hundreds of men with them came and met the fleet in the Humber, and went to York and landed and won the castles, and killed many hundreds of men and took a large amount of treasure on board ship, and kept the chief men in bonds, and lay between the Ouse and the Trent all that winter. And King William 1 went into the shire and ruined it completely.
Event Title Harrying of the North (1069-1070)/
Year 1069
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The three sons of Swein 5 included here are not mentioned by the ASC, though they are recorded in Gaimar as having taken part in the attack. John of Worcester records only Harald 6 and Cnut 3.

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