Event: Battle, Flight, Hostage-giving/taking, Killing/murder, WarPenda 1.fighting at [Winwęd]

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Description Penda 1, supported by 30 legions and the same number of most noble commanders, went up to Bernicia, to wage war against Oswiu 1. King Oswiu 1, along with his son Ealhfrith 1, came to meet him. He had only one legion, but had placed his reliance upon Christ's leadership. For Oswiu 1's other son, Ecgfrith 4, was at that time detained as a hostage in the province of Mercia in the household of Penda 1's queen, Cynewise 1. ... Even the son of Oswald 1, Ęthelwald 6, who ought to have been assisting Oswiu 1 and Ealhfrith 1 on that occasion, was on the side of their enemies. He had become a commander, and was to fight for them against his homeland and his uncle. On this particular occasion, although he had kept apart from them, he was awaiting the outcome of the battle in a safe place. And when battle was entered, the 30 pagan commanders of King Penda 1 were put to flight and slaughtered, and those who had come to his aid were almost all killed. Amongst the slain was the very person who had instigated the war, Ęthelhere 1, the brother of Anna 1, King of the East Angles, who became ruler in succession to him. King Oswiu 1 brought this war to a close in the 13th year of his reign, to the great benefit of both populaces.
Event Title Battle of Winwęd (654)/
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