Event: Meeting, Message-sending, Promise, RequestEcgfrith 4.promise of estates and money to Wilfrid 2

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Description Ecgfrith 4 approached Wilfrid 2 both in person and through his friends, and quite frequently had meetings with him, begging and beseeching him, and trying to entice him with the promise of many great things, to induce him to persuade the queen [Æthelthryth 2] to set aside her resolve concerning virginity. He saw her assiduous friendly relations with the bishop for she kept receiving instruction from the latter’s exhortations; she was emulating him in the love of Christ. Consequently, the king kept wearying God’s herald with rewards – vainly. For Bishop Wilfrid 2 was never willing to urge marital relations upon the virgin, and she was never willing to give her acquiescence to the king.
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