Event: InvasionIvar 1-others.arrival in Britain in 866

Scholarly Info
Description In 866 ... when King Æthelred 15 was ruler of the Western Saxons, there arrived in Britain a fleet of pagans from Denmark under King Ivar 1, together with his two brothers, Eowils 2, Halfdan 2, and a man called Ubba 5, his colleague in all trickery and malice and very like him in all respects, having as companions those three kings, Hæsten 1, Bagsecg 1 and Guthrum 1 and their forces, together with a very large contingent of chieftans and nobles ... They were accompanied by an immense multitude of bold warriors and they spent the winter in the kingdom of the East Angles.
Year 866
Primary Source Info
Date from Source 866

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