Event: Assembly, Bequeathing/will-making, Compensation, Death/dying, Disputing/dispute-settling, Judicial decision/review, Meeting, Property-buying/purchasing, Restoration of land/property, Seizure of land, Wergeld paymentDispute between Ęthelwold 1, Leofsige 28 and Sifflęd 2

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Description A summary of the dispute between Bishop Ęthelwold 1 and Leofsige 28 and Sifflęd 2.

Ęthelwold 1 from Leofsige 28 and his wife Sifflęd 2; purchase of 2 hides at Downham for 15 pounds. Leofwine 75, provost, and Wine 11 of Witchford, brought him 10 pounds of that money. A payment date was set for the remaining 5 pounds. At a second meeting Leofsige 28 and Sifflęd 2, his wife, purchase from Bishop Ęthelwold 1 5 hides at Clayhithe for 15 pounds, on condition that Ęthelwold 1 give them a silver cup worth 40 solidi which Beorhtsige, father of Leofsige 28, bequeathed to the bishop on his death. Before Leofsige 28 and Sifflęd 2 handed back the 10 pounds, King Edgar 11 died, and the couple made void the whole agreement that they had had with the bishop. In the meantime Leofsige 28 seized Peterborough, Oundle and Kettering from God and St Peter. A meeting was convened in London where, it being a time when duces, principles, satrape, rhetores and causidici had gathered from every region, Ęthelwold 1 summoned the aforesaid Leofsige 28 to justice. The witan restored Peterborough, Oundle, and Kettering to Ęthelwold 1 and ruled that Leofsige 28 should pay compensation to the bishop to the value of his ‘mund’, and for the violence pay compensation to the king to the amount of his wergild. They met again within 8 days at Northampton, where the people of that region gave the same verdict as had been given at London. Then Leofsige 28 died shamefully and miserably after which time Ęthelwold 1 and Ealdorman Ęthelwine 2, with the shire of Northampton and the most prominent men of the East Angles, held at Wansford a meeting of the 8 hundreds. It was decided that Sifflęd 2, widow of Leofsige 28, and her heirs, ought to pay compensation to God and the bishop, just as Leofsige 28 would have done had he lived. They assessed the amount of damage to the bishop at more than 100 pounds. Sifflęd 2 asked the bishop that she might pay the compensation which was due from her, in addition to what her sons [Anonymi 10028] owed, with the 100 solidi which the bishop had been going to give her for the 2 hides at Downham. The bishop remitted the whole of the damage which had been awarded against her and, in addition, said to her that she could come to Ely within 8 days and collect the 100 solidi from Abbot Beorhtnoth 19. This she did before the witness of 2 hundreds. The bishop also gave her 7 pounds for her corn which was on the land at Downham.
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