Event: Assembly, Compensation, Judicial decision/review, Restoration of land/propertyĘthelwold 1.summoning Leofsige 28 to justice

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Description A meeting was convened in London where, it being a time when duces, principles, satrape, rhetores and causidici had gathered from every region, Ęthelwold 1 summoned the aforesaid Leofsige 28 to justice. The witan restored Peterborough, Oundle, and Kettering to Ęthelwold 1 and ruled that Leofsige 28 should pay compensation to the bishop to the value of his ‘mund’, and for the violence pay compensation to the king to the amount of his wergild. They met again within 8 days at Northampton, where the people of that region gave the same verdict as had been given at London.
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