Event: Betrayal/oath-breaking, Conspiracy/intent to murder, Hospitality, Imprisonment, Killing/murderGodwine 51.betrays Alfred 54 to Harold 5

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Description Godwine 51 went to meet Alfred 54 openly, as if to honour him, promised his help, giving Alfred 54 his kiss and his right hand as a pledge of faith. Godwine 51 also admitted Alfred 54 to his table and his counsels. But in the middle of the following night Godwine 51 tied Alfred 54's hands behind his back while Alfred 54 was unarmed and heavy with sleep. Godwine 51 sent Alfred 54 to King Harold 5 in London with some of Alfred 54's similarly bound followers; of the remainder some were imprisoned and some put to death through disembowelling.
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