Event: Hostility, Oath-swearing/fealty, Restoration of land/property, SubmissionWilliam 1.receiving English nobles' submission

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Description [In Barking] Edwin 33 and Morcar 3... came to submit to [William 1]; they sought his pardon for any hostility they had shown him, and surrendered themselves and all their property to his mercy. Various other wealthy nobles did the same, amongst them Earl Copsi 1... [William 1] readily accepted their oaths, as they had requested, freely granted them his favour, restored all their possessions, and treated them with great honour.
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Note 2 page 162: "the ASC (D) 1066 placed the submission of Edwin 33 and Morcar 3 at Berkhamsted, before the coronation. Douglas, "Conqueror", p. 207, suggested that WP may have confudes Barking with Berkhamsted".

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