Event: Charter-witnessing, Confirmation of land/privileges, Grant and GiftS1036 - Edward 15 confirming lands of Waltham 1

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Description King Edward 15 to Waltham 1 Abbey; grant of privileges and confirmation of land at Waltham, Northland in Waltham, Paslow in High Ongar, South Weald, Upminster, Walhfare (? Walter Hall) in Boreham, Debden and Alderton in Loughton, Woodford, Essex; Lambeth, Surrey; Nazeing, Essex; Brickendon, Herts.; Millow, Arlesey, Beds.; Wormley, Herts.; Netteswell, Essex; Hitchin, Herts.; Luckington (or Loughton), Essex; and White Waltham, Berks..
Year 1062
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